Tribune de Florian Philippot dans Westmonster (version anglaise)

Nigel Farage said something essential when I met him last week: true politics are all about having convictions, seeking an aim, and never let it go amiss. That was his course of action, and it did have success, after many years of political struggle. There was a Brexit referendum, and the triumph of the national independence camp.


I share 100% this view on political commitment: to serve my country and my convictions, and nothing else. Because of this certitude, I left a political party for which I have worked a lot and I have been an activist but it has just taken a long way back, far from what I think good for France. I have now created a young political movement, much more modern, much younger, called Les Patriotes, in the same mind as Nigel Farage : to serve my country. With my two fellows Members of the European Parliament of Les Patriotes, I have had the honour and the joy to join the EFDD group. We met different national delegations full of diversity, welcome, motivation, and professionalism. EFDD is a wonderful name, the name of Freedom who leads us at every step in our political action, and the name of Direct Democracy, in which I deeply believe, whether it expresses itself in a traditional referendum or in a popular initiative referendum.


With our friends of the EFDD group, we will look very closely at the Brexit, the path a nation, the United Kingdom, will follow from the prison of peoples which is the European Union towards freedom. A path the oligarchy who runs the EU is trying every day to undermine, because it has long been known the European Union isn’t a political project anymore but an ideology, a sectarian religion, which will always destroy everything around itself rather than be challenged. Brussels pressure is strong, but I’m confident the British people will persevere, refuse to be robbed of their vote and impose their freedom and their full democratic rights. The people will do so in accordance with the very ancient tradition of a brilliant nation that invented modern democracy and never allowed their conduct to be dictated by anyone.


The Brexit victory is inspiring and strengthening us: independence is, in fact, a possibility! And it is synonymous with something positive, far from apocalyptic caricatures the defenders of the European Union prophesised


In my home country, France, I am committed, together with thousands of Patriots who have already joined us, for Frexit and national independence. An organised Frexit, of course, and done with method, but a real Frexit because those who promise to reform the EU are all lying. Since I was a child, I’ve admired De Gaulle and loved our national history, the history pf our kings, of our emperors, of the Republic. I know how much France already sacrificed during its history to remain the free country the world hopes for.


We are not fighting for independence just for the sake of independence. Without national independence, it’s not possible to have any politics, any democracy. We do have a project for France, to solve unemployment, create wealth, ensure justice, restore security, solve migratory chaos and Islamist terrorism, develop the responsible energies of tomorrow, put the school back on its feet. But this project can only be put in place if we have the political capacity to do so, provided that we are no longer under the yoke of a European Union in the exclusive service of Chancellor Merkel, financial lobbies, and technocrats. Without Frexit, politics are nothing but a succession of false promises and advertising marketing.


Frexit will put France back in the world, because nothing isolates people more than the European Union. Like the United Kingdom, France has a global vocation. Its culture and language are taught and loved on all continents. It is far away from the European prison that we will be again heard and loved. That’s why those who assimilate national independence to isolation are radically wrong: to be a free nation is to be in the world.